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Tour de France


Joy first... then astonishment!


On July 26th 2019, Tignes was ready to host the penultimate mountain stop of the Tour de France, two days before the traditional arrival on the Champs Elysées.


Exceptional surroundings, between lakes, glaciers and mythical summits, at the heart of the Vanoise National Park, were awaiting the competitors, spectators and television viewers all around the World.


Twelve years after the latest Tour de France stop in Tignes, back in 2007, cycling enthusiasts were ready to happily cheer on the best athletes of the planet when their start cycling up the road between Tignes les Brévières and Tignes le Lac.


July 26th promised to be a festive and friendly day!


But the weather forecast had other plans... Around 4.30pm, a violent climatic episode led to stopping the race before the arrival in Tignes, the road being to dangerous for the riders (hail, mud flow...).


This was the first time in the History of Le Tour de France, plunging the spectators and staff in complete astonishment...


But most of all, Tignes will remember the happy atmosphere and good spirit shown by everyone right before the turn of events. Long live Le Tour de France, see you soon in Tignes!




The "Tour de france" (well... quite!) in photos

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