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Christmas celebrations

celebrate Christmas in tignes in 2021

An enchanting atmosphere for children small... and big!


It is always so fun and touching to observe children when December is getting closer... Hardworking while they write their letter to Father Christmas, guilty when they finish up their Advent calendar in just a few days (hours?)... and overexcited when you tell them they will spend their Christmas holiday surrounded by snowflakes this year!


Every December 24th, enjoy an enchanted "après-ski" that will get stars to sparkle in the eyes of all Christmas spirit lovers: torchlight descents, Father Christmas parade, distribution of chocolates, show and fireworks!


The 2021 Christmas program is adapting. We organize various activities for you to celebrate Christmas together.

COVID-19 information: the Christmas festivities program for December 24, 2021  will depend on the health recommendations that will be communicated by the Government in the run-up to the end of the year holidays. See you soon for more info!



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