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Secrets of Tignards: why is spring the locals' favorite season?

Secrets of Tignards: why is spring the locals' favorite season?

There are fans of the Christmas ski holidays. Those who would not imagine a winter holiday other than in the mountains. And then there are the others: lovers of a certain art of living, who prefer to come (back) in the spring to savor a few last descents before putting away their spatulas and taking out their flip-flops… until next winter!

Among the lovers of spring in the mountains? The Tignards (inhabitants of Tignes)! They have the opportunity to ski from October to May, experience all the delights of each season. But many of them place the last weeks before closing on the first step of the podium if they are really asked to choose their favorite period. But why? Let's have a look at the locals' little secrets, which make spring so desirable.



In the spring, we take the time

Skieurs en terrasse à Tignes au printemps


Who says "longer days" and "rising temperatures" also says "even more time to enjoy it!" ". We ski longer without being stopped by the cold; we hang out on the restaurants terraces for lunch and dinner until the last rays of the sun; we discover activities and participate in family entertainment even at the end of the day, without racing with the falling night. In short: we take the time to live, with a real holiday rhythm! So much so that the locals themselves feel a little on vacation when taking their lunch break on a terrace or meeting up for an after-work, sunglasses on their noses...

Sports toboggan run (from 1.40m), dog sledding, snowtubing (from 3 years old), carousel ride, bungee trampolining, swimming pool (with its paddling pool and 3-lane slide!) etc. After a day on the slopes, put on your after-ski boots: you'll have plenty of time to share essential winter sports activities with the whole family.

For a little #metime, let yourself be tempted by a first flight in a microlight or a paraglider: two activities that we enjoy even more in the spring, when the temperatures rise.


Activité chiens de traineau à Tignes au printempsActivité speedriding à Tignes au printempsActivité ULM à Tignes au printemps



In the spring, we play with the snow

Skieurs sur le domaine de Tignes au printemps admirant la vue


Throughout the day, the texture of the snow changes according to the amount of sunshine. If it can be a little hard at daybreak after the refreezing of the night, it softens as soon as it warms up under the effect of the sun's rays. The secret ? Choose your route according to the exposure of each piste and its altitude, starting at the bottom of the ski area before going up to its highest point: the Grande Motte glacier (arrival of the cable car at 3456 m!). Do not hesitate to call on a ski instructor to accompany you for the first few days: they know the resort by heart and will be able to guide you through the entire Tignes - Val d'Isère linked ski area from morning to evening to enjoy the "best snow" without even having to look at the piste map.

The softness of spring snow can also reassure beginners and families with young children: falls, inevitable when you learn, are always less scary when the snow is softer and you pick up less speed! It is also likely that you will by chance attend the first slides of the children of Tignes (future Olympic champions?) on the free beginners' sectors, with their parents as coaches. It's no secret that you know how to ski before you even know how to walk (or almost) when you gro up in a ski resort...

Spring is also the season for ski touring! Call on a mountain guide to help you discover the wild landscapes of the Vanoise National Park (accessible in a few minutes via the ski lifts in the Palet sector). After the effort, the comfort: treat yourself to a cheese specialty at the Palet refuge or at the Leisse refuge to recover from all the elevation that you will have climbed up! Remember to check their opening dates before putting on your skins.



In spring, we (already) enjoy the dolce vita

Skieurs sur les espaces freestyle de Tignes au printemps


Work on your healthy glow on a terrace (sunscreen essential!). Share a pancake with your little ones to congratulate them on their progress of the day. Jump into the aperitif season with both feet (with a local beer… or a spritz to toast our Italian neighbours). Practice the "ski-terrace" way of life without scruple (going from one altitude restaurant to another by the slopes for a coffee, a lunch, a snack, a drink...). In other words: get ready to chill!

Spring is also a good time to head to the snowpark and the easy park: two freestyle spots particularly popular with local freestylers at the end of the season (and of course open to all), when receptions are softer and you can ride in a hoodie before sliding to the most festive après-ski addresses at the foot of the slopes.

In April, it is also the return of spring activities such as the water slide (crossing a body of water on skis, without falling!) or the traditional egg hunt organized every year at Easter. A must for children!



You are surely convinced by now: spring concentrates in a few weeks the best of very "chill” holidays, with the bonus of a maximum of good deals with accommodation + ski pass packages, even snow sports lessons, at very attractive prices. Don't miss your last run down (before next season)!


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