A look at the 2016 edition

discussions, meetings, smiles... review the 2016 edition !


From November 27th to December 1st 2016, was held the first edition of the sport Values International Meeting.


14 presenters from around the world, 13 delegations and ambassies, 8 champions and sport experts, 160 students from the local schools, 1 thousand participants for the International Film Festival and Conferences and debates took part in this first edition.



internationnal film festival

Winners :

  • Jury Prize - Full-length Feature Film : PURA VIDA by Migueltxo Molina & Pablo Iraburu
  • Special Jury Prize  : ISOLATED de Justin LePera
  • Jury Prize - Short Film : JOURNEY TO KYRGYSTAN de Tristan Cascailh
  • Audience Award : ODISEA de Damien Castera & Mathieu Crépel

conferences & debates

Through the Sport Values International Meeting, 3 conferences took place on the following themes :

  • Moral and physical recovery through sport (with Martin Colclough, Ollie Thorn, Adjudant-Chef Patrick Jauvais, Jonathan Hamou, Jean-Baptiste Richardier, Cassie Cava, Lou Braz Dagand)
  • Diplomacy through sport (with Jean-Baptiste Richardier,Prof. Sarah Hillyer, Philippe Vinogradoff, Alain Arvin-Berod)
  • Sports and its values as education tools (with Jörn Kasine, Allaoui Guenni, Chloé Weimer, Jean-Baptiste Richardier, Alain Arvin-Berod)

morning conversations

Conversations between sportspeople, local schoolchildren and students. Two mornings dedicated to the spread of sport values on business and personal purposes.


Excelling oneself, rules and others respect, solidarity... are some of the many inspiring themes tackled by :

  • Jean Galfione (vault)
  • Guerlain Chicherit (freeride ski, auto race)
  • Kafétien Gomis (long jump)
  • Brian LIEBENBERG (rugby)
  • Jonathan HAMOU (snowboard and athleticism)
  • Marlène HARNOIS (taekwondo)
  • Cassie CAVA (snowboard)
  • Renaud LONGUEVRE (french athleticism trainer)

embassie's games

Challenges between 13 delegations and ambassies from around the world : slalom, snowshoeing, snow golf, biathlon....


Closing night of the sport Values International Meeting with many associations, companies and artists.

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