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100% pure pole vaulting


The stars of french pole vaulting are coming to tignes

January 11th 2018


Since its indoor beginnings in January 2017 followed by the extraordinary “Saut des Géants” at 3,000 m last August that brought together world and Olympic pole vaulting champions, Tignes has rapidly become a key destination for stars of world athletics. Building on the success of these meetings, the Savoyard resort is launching the 2018 season with a meeting that is 100% pure pole vaulting at 2,100 m housed within Tignespace, the only complex in Europe that has dedicated 900 m² to athletics! Star of the discipline, Renaud Lavillenie who was present but injured in 2017, is back this year in front of the crowd in Tignes.





What is your link with Tignes?


My first experience of the resort was fantastic and occurred last year when my training camp was supposed to culminate in participating in the competition. Unfortunately, an injury prevented me from jumping but I made a promise to return in 2018. Irrespective of this publically-made promise, it must be said that the training conditions in Tignespace are perfect.


Why have you chosen Tignes for your sporting comeback ?


Last year, I was able to see that the conditions were outstanding and the performances reflected this. With the Indoor Open and the “Saut des Géants”, Tignes is becoming a hub for European and global athletics. It’s crazy that we can jump at 2,000 m or even 3,000 m! I want to be involved in what the resort is creating.    


What are you expecting from this first official appearance ?


It is the perfect time to start my season. This first competition will be one of fine-tuning so that I can gauge my form. Then, if everything is going to plan, I can put in a great performance…







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