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'Les Etoiles du Sport' come to Tignes!



From 25th to 30th November 2018


For more than 15 years, this event marks the end of the year by bringing together generations of athletes around the concept "the champions of today sponsor the champions of tomorrow". Each year, 20 young hopefuls are associated in pairs with leading French champions, their sponsors, with whom they spend a fun week of sporting events. A rich melting pot, the transmission of knowledge and experience, and the creation of a true family of French sportsmen and women! "We affirm ourselves as a partner of high-level sport and propose a new playground that combines performance, altitude, a notion of sharing and conviviality that only Tignes can offer ", explains Jean Christophe Vitale, Mayor of Tignes.



Tignes, a matter of course...


For the first time, and for the next eight years, the 'Etoiles du Sport' will take place in Tignes from 25th to 30th November. The various sports facilities, unique in an alpine resort, will be made fully available to the visiting athletes. Many of them (from the French football, athletics, rugby and ski teams) have already been convinced by the resort’s numerous assets during their different preparation/training courses! 


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