Fire Mix Party with Laurent Wolf


Mix, sound, nightclubs... Laurent Wolf has been dedicating his life to electronic music since infancy. Today, his hits like « House Train », « Saxo », « Calinda », « No stress » and « Wash my world » are dance floor triumphs all over the World.

And on 31st December 2009, for the very first time, he's taking his drums and deck 2 100 metres high, and is expecting to make the temperature rise!

The highest countdown in Europe has already started...


Good deal: there will be free shuttles between 10 p.m. and 5:45 a.m. (every 10/15 minutes) (Val Claret - Grande Motte / Lac / Lavachet).

Tignes le Lac Boisses Tignes le Lac
8:30pm 8:45pm 9:00pm
10:00pm 10:15pm 10:30pm
11:00pm 11:15pm 11:30pm
00:00 00:15am 00:30am
1:00 1:15am 1:30am
3:00am 3:15am 3:30am







9:00 am: Hewlett Packard entertainment in "Maison de Tignes le Lac".

12:00 am: Fun Radio entertainment on the Grande Motte snowfront in Val Claret, with many gifts to win.

3:45 pm: end of the Hewlett Packard entertainment on the Grande Motte snowfront, in Val Claret. The winner of a PC laptop will be drawn.

4:00 pm: Fun Radio, live DJE programme from the Grande motte snowfront in Val Claret.

From 22:00 pm on: Fire Mix Party on the Val Claret snowfront!

22:00 pm: Joe Mendes' set

23:59 pm: fireworks

00:17 am: Laurent Wolf's set


 25 000 people danced all night on the highest snow-covered dance floor in Europe
Tignes brought together all essential ingredients for a unique New Year’s Eve party. The resort offered an unforgettable night to the 25 000 people who had gathered from everywhere in Europe to move into 2010.
A new year's eve made in Tignes
It’s been like this for the past 11 years: Tignes creates an actual open air nightclub to celebrate New Year’s Eve. Whatever the weather, snow or negative temperatures, people grab their down jacket and their snowboots to party all night, 2100 metres high, to the sound of the best DJs of the moment.
Giant mix and fireworks
The Fire Mix Party started at 10:00 a.m. with DJ Djé, who welcomed the first clubbers. Temperature started to rise… When the clock stroked the 12 chimes of midnight, they were 20 000 people to hug each other and 40 000 mittens to clap to the show under the snow flakes.
Laurent Wolf  took over at 00:15, getting the temperature to rise even more with a “special Tignes” set that lasted almost 3 hours. Simply unforgettable!


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