SFR Freestyle Tour




The major freestyle event!


The superpipe looking good, all lit up, the best riders of the freestyle planet showing off their best tricks, the supporters putting the finishing enclosure on fire...


Freestyle is king in Tignes from 18th to 22th march for the final of the Halfpipe World Cup!


What's to win? Nothing less than the Crystal Globe and a new deal of the cards of the AFP ranking.


Needless to say that the greatest stars of superpipe skiing will all be there to drop their most technical run!



*Dates: coming soon.






Results of the  2017 edition



Kevin Rolland & Marie Martinod won the Crystal Globe after the finale of the Halfpipe world cup in Tignes. Ben Valentin is just behind Kevin Rolland in the standings and ahead of the American Aaron Blunck.

FInal of the world cup:


  • 1st - Alex Ferreira USA 93.2 points
  • 2nd - Taylor Seaton USA 89.4 points
  • 3rd - Kevin Rolland FRA 89.2 points


  • 1st - Cassie Sharpe CAN 90.8 points
  • 2nd - Ayana Onozuka JPN 86.0 points
  • 3rd - Marie Martinod FRA 84.0 points






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