Le saut des géants



From August 16th to 18th 2017, discover on of the world's highest athleticism meeting !


Innovative, original, unexpected, unbelievable... Words are missing to qualify this exceptional event !


And the challenge sounds big for the athletes and for the organizers, one of the planet's highest athleticism meeting at the bottom of the Glacier at 3032 m high... You have never seen anything like this !



No stadium or traditional running track but a unique device for an exceptionnal challenge with to contests :

  • Long Jump
  • Triple jump


Records are in the air for world's best athelticism athletes...
A few days after the World Chamionship in Athletics, the athletes will enjoy the benefits of the high to reach the best world's performances and even try to beat the world's records.

The world's best athletes should be present for this beautiful challenge.



how to access ?

To enjoy this exceptional world records attempts with a fantatisc view over the glacier of the Grande Motte, the funicualar will be exceptionnaly at 1€ !


they will be there :


the best at long jump


Actual World's records :

  • Women's long jump : 7,52 m by Galina Chistyakova in 1988 (URSS)
  • Men's long jump : 8,95 m by Mike Powell (USA) in 1991



  • Christian Taylor, Olympic Champion
  • Jean-Marc Pontvianne, Best French at Triple Jump
  • Will CLAYE, American
  • 3 of the best jumpers from the finale of  world championship of London (3-13 August)

Actual World's records :

Triple jump : 18,29 m by Jonathan Edwards (GBR) in 1995

партнеры Тиня

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